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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wrap yourself in a ralli quilt!

Ralli Quilt #71, Front and Back $160
Those of you who have been following my blog for awhile know that I have a special place in my heart for ralli quilts. These vintage Indian and Pakistani quilts captured my attention awhile back and I have invested everything I could to stock my stores with them. The more I have, the more I want! Hopefully, this is a contagious virus that can be caught through this blog and you will get the disease, too... (Heh, heh) So far, I've succumbed to keeping three for myself while the rest are on Etsy and and in my little store in Paducah (212 Broadway).

Ralli Quilt #69, Front and Back $90

I just finished working on the photos for a new batch that I will be listing soon. If you act quickly, you can purchase these directly from me at a 20% discount from the price listed. Once I have listed them on eBay or Etsy, you will have to go through that store's shopping cart. I also photographed lots of other new things and it will take me several days to post everything, so you have a little bit of time.

Ralli Quilt #70, Front and Back $82

Click on the photos to see larger images of the quilts. I have five photos of each. I'm showing the front and back of each one here and can send the other three to those interested. Leave a comment with contact information and I'll get them to you. The quilts are all about a single bed size. They are functional and can be used, but also look great as wall hangings. The backs are often as interesting as the fronts. All of them have flaws (or they would be much, much more expensive!). I also quilt which might be why I have the disease so badly, but even for the non-quilter, these quilts have some of the folk art qualities that make "naive" art so interesting. They are often crooked, use bizarre (to my eye) color combinations, and carry a history of use in their stains and imperfections. Prices are based on what I paid for them plus quality. Shipping is free on purchases over $100. Feel free to add other of my items on Etsy or eBay to take advantage of that offer.

Ralli Quilt #67, Front and Back $140

Haven't heard of ralli quilts before? Read my other articles for more history, other photos and a review on the book Ralli Quilts by Patricia Ormsby Stoddard.

Ralli Quilt #68, Front and Back $42

All of the quilts are filthy when I get them. I machine wash them in industrial machines to both clean them and test them for durability. Most of these quilts are probably from the 1960's and 1970's.

Ralli Quilt #65, Front and Back $140
Brighter quilts often have a silk content, mixed with poly blends. The earthier ones are cotton which were dyed with cheap, commercial dyes that have faded over time. They are my personal favorites, although I like the bright ones, too. I originally thought that they had been dyed with veggie dyes, but Stoddard's book set me straight.

Ralli Quilt #66, Front and Back $148

I accept Pay Pal, checks and money orders. I will give further instructions on how to pay to those serious about purchasing a quilt.

Ralli Quilt #42, Front and Back $75

For purchases under $100, the quilts fit into a flat rate box that ships for $9 in the United States. I recently shipped a quilt to Denmark and that one cost $35 in shipping.

Ralli Quilt #64, Front and Back $140

That's it! Hope you come down with the Ralli virus as seriously as I have. Sorry, there is no antidote except for growing your collection...


  1. Rachel, you are TORTURING me. I LOVE the two ralli quilts I've already bought from you, and now I have the illness. Some of these are so beautiful. I want more, more, more!!!

  2. Looking at those ralli quilts, and not having the moolah to buy one, it's a killin' me! BTW, I like your new layout. :)

  3. I'm with Morna. I hope that #71 sells, and quickly, so I can quit agonizing over it!

  4. Please visit www.reesuviii.com for more Ralli Quilts.

  5. Love the blog and your collections of Rallis is awesome!!... Also join my Facebook Page i have dedicated to Ralli Art only


    Lemme know how you guyz like it!!


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