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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oh! It's Time For Some Campaigning..... Jib Jab

A friend sent me the newest Jib Jab political cartoon. I must warn you- they are in your face!

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I do cringe a bit at some of their language, but I think they hit many of our social disgraces on the head. They have been one of my favorite websites for a long time. I cringe, laugh, shudder, cringe, laugh, shudder at their insightful Jibs and Jabs.

That is the intent, isn't it? To poke us up out of our chairs and cause some discomfort? I appreciate their ability to jib and jab at both parties, exploring weaknesses both have. And, as a bleeding-heart-liberal, I applaud these efforts that make us look a little closer at our political choices.

How is this related to a blog on fiber? Well, everything is political in the end. I try to support fair trade products and go bla-bla-bla about the poor around the world who are working so hard to grow their businesses, but if there is no middle class, no affluence, the arts are the first to go. They are already barely surviving in this country, so who we choose as leaders can have a profound impact on resources available for artists, our economy and our relationships with other nations.

Jib Jab has another cartoon that pokes away at Walmart:

We make choices every day in how we use our purchasing power. Paducah, Kentucky is a small city of 25,000 yet we have two Walmarts. Can Mom and Pop businesses compete with them? Some do try, but it's a tough road.

Today I happened into a pawn shop and was talking to the owner and he asked if I had any guns at home to sell. I told him, nope, no guns, just four dogs. He said I better get a gun soon because I'll need one to defend myself as this country is going down the drain. Back to the Old West, I guess... Lawlessness is a better way to resolve our problems rather than doing some self-analysis.

Well, enough blabber. Would love to hear your comments on what you think about Jib Jab!

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  1. How dare you sully the honor of our fine political system? And anyways, you know that Baracko Bama, his middle name is Hussein, you know. He's gonna become president and then he has a special plan and he'll blow a whistle at 1 pm on inauguration day and all the terrorists will come out and take over the country. We gotta elect McCain - he's OLD, the way a president should be. And he's going to help those rich people to hold onto LOTS and LOTS of money. And I really like that idea because I'm going to be rich someday and then won't I be glad I voted for McCain!

    Hahahahahahahahaha! Gotcha! I LOVE JIB JAB!!! And I love "Big Ears" - Go Obama!


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