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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Crocheting? by Natalie Bates, Guest Artist from the UK

I thought that's what grannies did?

Hmm...I get that alot. I guess I'm not your usual crocheter (In the classic sense). I mean, I'm 22, I have piercings in places I shouldn't, too many tattoos and I listen to music that has lyrics that makes old ladies toes curl. Then again, I have a floral bedspread, I own at least one piece of pink clothing (shocking I know) and I don't feel the need to hurt small children.

Crocheting has always been there for me, fiber arts in general have always been a part of my life. My mum taught me how to cross-stitch and sew when I was very young. I never liked following patterns so I always just made my own up. When I was about 6 my grandma taught me how to crochet and I never stopped !

I feel lost if I don`t have at least one ball of wool and a hook with me at all times. I used to wear enourmous hoodies (in my goth days), but I`d stash a ball of yarn in the front pocket and walk round town crocheting !

Obviously I began with the usual, granny squares, granny squares and more granny squares (Yawn !). But I never got taught any more stitches, so I've kind of had to make my own way in crochet. By trial and error I've finally found my style, and it's...well...very me ^_^.

Much as I love the traditional view of crochet, I'm trying to find my own way, and bring my own style to my items. Which is where the mohawk hat grew from, basically, it's something I would wear! (and do).

I intend to carry on in this vein and increase my collection of punky crochet and make fiber arts appeal to members of society that maybe it wouldn't have done before, at least that's the hope !

Don't hug a hoody, give them a hook !

Talli not only crochets, but does photography and graphic design. This girl is going to go a long way! Here is where you can find her:

And, she is now a member of our Fiber Focus group and you can visit her page there, too!

Talli had this video on her blog and I asked her if we could share it here, too. It is her wish and mine to you:


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  1. Wow !
    This article looks brilliant ! Thank you for inviting me to do it Rachel, it`s been really fun ^_^

    Talli x


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