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Monday, August 18, 2008

That creative chick, Susan Sorrell, sure can do the Hokie Pokie!

Susan Sorrell, the Creative Chick, was our guest artist on Friday's post. She will be teaching a new series of online classes and explained a bit about how they work. She is also queen of a wonderful network of fiber artists, Fiber Arts/Mixed Media. I'm queen of a much smaller (but wonderfully fun!) network that has more of an international and informal agenda, Fiber Focus, companion to this blog. Both queendoms are on Ning which offers some nice tools where members have their own page and can load, photos, links, music, videos, and network with each other.

Find more photos like this on Fiber Arts/Mixed Media

Find more photos like this on Fiber Focus

Well, Susan has a loyal base. She was kind enough to promote the Fiber Focus blog and group on her sites which increased the blog's views tremendously and brought a whole new slew of members to the group. She kept me so busy welcoming new people and responding to comments that I haven't had time to think of a new post for the blog. What can follow in her bright footsteps?

So, this is a thank you, Susan! You deserve something special and I found just the right thing on YouTube. Susan signs her e-mails with laugh, love and do the hokie-pokie! Here is a good hokie-pokie for you:

For those of you who have never seen the hokie-pokie, watch this video (very cute). Embedding was disabled so I couldn't bring it over here.

I am appreciative of Susan's humor, good grace and approachability. So many people are not willing to share what they have learned and already we are exchanging tips and ideas which have been very helpful to me.

And, for those of you who have joined Fiber Focus, I don't really like being queen, so all of you step up and take ownership of it. I started it because I couldn't find something that had that international mission and I would like to see more of a bridge between traditional skills and all of the newer explorations that are happening out there. Stamp it with your presence and make it so that my green face isn't plastered all over the place.... Welcome, welcome! Let's make it a wonderful place!


  1. thats great news. and see how easy it was for me to leave another comment! thanks x

  2. I love the video....now I am going to steal it!!!! You are awesome Rachel and I am glad we have become friends. ;)
    susan :>


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