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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rayela Art's Thanksgiving Sale

Rayela Art's Thanksgiving Sale

Thanksgiving is coming up here in the United States, the 24th of November.  I have a lot to be thankful for, especially as TAFA's new site gets ready to launch.  So, I am putting my Etsy shop on sale, 25% off of everything through the 24th.

Rayela Art: Tribal and Vintage Textiles

Of course, my agenda is also to hopefully move some things.  I have a big pile of things to photograph and list and would like to re-order some of my best sellers that I've run out of.  So, will you help me make room for new things?  

A couple of ideas:

Wooden stamps from India, available on Rayela Art

I have several of these sets, small carved stamps from India.  Not great as a stamp, but interesting as a rustic ornament.  Add a eye screw picture hanger and hang it on your tree.  Great stocking stuffers.  Currently priced at $12.50 a set, the discount brings it down to $9.38.  Do you see the little round things on the side of some of them?  Those are whistles.  Screechy, like a cat in heat.  Lovely, eh?

Pakistani Remnant Pillows from Rayela Art

I have a lot of these pillows and a pile more to list.  Old textiles have been selvaged and made into something new.  I don't really care for the cowrie shells on these pillows, but some people might like them.  If you don't, they are easily snipped off.  Great gifts for college kids!  Well, for the ones that go tribal in their decor...  Normally $18, they are now $13.50.  A great deal for all that embroidery!  We used to sell them easily in our Chicago gallery for $45 a piece!

Go look around and find some things that you like.  When you are done, type in NOVEMBERSALE as your coupon code during check out.  Etsy will automatically take off the discount from the total.  I won't be able to give my free shipping offers with the sale, but most of my things fit in flat rate envelopes.  

Have fun shopping!  Clicking on any of the items below will take you to my Etsy shop.


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