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Friday, November 11, 2011

Ralli Quilts on Sale: 25% Off!

Dimensions: 82" long x 59" wide
Metric: 208.5 x 150 cm

Ralli #95, $140  (discounted to $105)

I have posted quite a bit about ralli quilts in this blog.  If you would like to learn more about them, click here to see the past posts.  Made in villages throughout India and Pakistan, ralli quilts have been a big favorite of mine and I buy them when I can.  Mothers have handed the designs down to their daughters for generations and finishing off a ralli is a communal event, much like our historical quilting bees.  Women sit around the unfinished piece, stitching the long rows that will hold it together.  I love the uneven squares, the sometimes odd choices of fabric, and the multi-functional role these pieces have served:  bed quilt, wall hanging and even as a door in the village huts...

I have five rallis left in my Etsy shop.  You can see all of them on this page:  click!  Two are simple whole cloth quilts, priced at $60 and $75.  The discount would bring them down to $45 and $56.25.  The one shown at the top of this post is the biggest one, in very good, usable condition.

This one is my favorite and the most expensive one I have ever carried:

Dimensions: 62" long x 43" wide
Metric: 157.5 x 109 cm

Ralli #93, $350  (discounted to $262.50)

Small and fragile, this ralli would have to be used as a wall hanging or as a decorative throw such as on a guest bed.  It would only cover the foot or middle of a bed.  The applique and color choices are lovely!

Another favorite is this wonky checkered ralli:

Dimensions: 78" long x 50" wide
Metric: 198 x 127 cm

Ralli #94, $135  (discounted to $101.25)

Yes, it is narrower at the bottom...  The quilt does not hang well, but it looks great thrown on to a couch or bed.  What I like best about it is the feel of the fabric.  I can't figure out what it is and assume it's some kind of polyester, but it is soft and worn and feels like silk.  Maybe an acetate?  Normally, I despise polyester, but whatever this is, it is cool, soft and pleasing to touch.

These are your five ralli choices!  All 25% off through November 24th.  I normally give free shipping on orders over $100 but will not be able to do that during the sale.  When you are through shopping, type in NOVEMBERSALE as your coupon code and Etsy will add the 25% discount to anything that is in my shop.

Wrap yourself in a ralli! 


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  1. I love the community aspect to these beautiful pieces.


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