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Saturday, November 19, 2011

25% Off on Rayela's Biodegradable Art !

Recycled Dog Food Bag by Rayela Art

Rachel Biel, 1989
Many years ago I used to work with clay.  I loved it!  I did it for about four years and my skill level was just at the point where some serious work was beginning to happen.  Mostly, I made bowls and boxes to sell at art fairs and shops, but I was getting into big, sculptural work.

We had a community of clay artists who remain as some of my favorite people to this day.  I saw Roberta and Maryanne when I was in Chicago a couple of months ago:

Patte, Kate and Andi at the back, Maryanne and Roberta in front.   Chicago clay artists in the late 1980's.

We made many wonderful things and then there were those awful ones, best used smashed as fillers for the bottoms of flower pots.  I used to imagine our work being excavated a couple hundreds of years from now...  remnants of a lost civilization.  What would the future archaeologists think of us?

Art festival in Chicago, 1995
By the mid 90's, I had moved on to fiber, hooked forever.  Clay had become impractical and I wanted something that I could work on at home.  Almost everything that I make now would rot away if it was buried.  From dust to dust.  That really appeals to me!

"Garden Greens" by Rayela Art,  $370

So, I sew, embroider and fold paper, salvaged from my dog's food bags.  That is, theoretically, I do.  I haven't made much since I launched TAFA almost two years ago, but my hope is that I will have more time once our new site is launched.  I have lots of ideas in my head that are begging to come out, all biodegradable!

Prairie Point Centerpiece, "Golden Flower" by Rayela Art, $150

I have several pillows, a couple of hats, dogfood bags, pillows and some other things I've made in my Etsy shop:  Rayela on Etsy.  I moved everything I made into that link to make it easy to find.  You will see that I love texture and little pieces of things brought together to make something bigger...  I try to use recycled supplies that might have ended up in the dump.  And, I like interesting fabrics, a distressed look...  earthiness.  Appropriate, eh?

Reversible Hat, "Geisha's Garden", Rayela Art, $42

Look at the rest of the shop, too.  I sell mostly ethnic textiles and vintage supplies.  Everything is on sale through Thanksgiving Day, November 24th.

Coupon Code:  You MUST enter this code at check out to get the discount:  NOVEMBERSALE.

Rachel Biel working with clay, 1989

How about you?  Do you think of how your carbon footprint will impact the future?


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