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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

TAFA Market: The Silent Auction

"Classical Palette" by B. J. Adams, detail

Several TAFA members have donated work for a silent auction that will help raise funds for our new website.  We have outgrown our Blogger platform and have begun work on a new website which will have a powerful search engine returning image based results.  The new site will be gorgeous and users will be able to find items easily, searching by category, key words, and location.  There will also be networking and technical assistance areas for both users and members.  TAFA's membership has grown to 265 members, each contributing their unique talent and body of work to the world of textiles and fiber art.  See New Site for more information.

We are hoping that the silent auction, raffle and sales of work exhibited during the TAFA Market will help us reach our goal of $4,000 for the site.  You can help us get there!

Not coming to Paducah for the TAFA Market?  Well, you can bid on some of the auction items, right here!  We do not have images yet of many of the items that will be available, but will add more on later.  The deadline for product delivery is April 15th, so I hope to photograph more pieces after that.  Check back to see what else will be available then!


  • Items are numbered and titled below.
  • Scroll all the way down for the bidding form.
  • Enter your information and bid on the items you want to bid on.  Tip:  Enter the highest bid you would be willing to pay for an item.
  • Updates:  The last highest bid on an item will be updated once a day on the TAFA site.
  • Deadline for online entries:  April 25th.
  • Transfer to Market:  Items will then go to the TAFA Market with the highest online bid as the beginning bid there.  
  • Silent Auction ends at 7PM on Friday, April 29th.  If winners are present, they may take their winning items.  If winners are not present, they will be notified by email.  Winners will also be posted under each item on this page. 
  • Non-payment of item:  If the winner does not pay up or cannot be contacted within seven days of the auction's end, the next person on the list will be contacted at the bid she/he offered.
  • Questions?  Please leave questions as comments at the bottom of this page and refer back here for answers.

Featured Auction Item

1. Classical Palette
"Classical Palette" by B. J. Adams

Minimum Bid:  $750
Retail Value:  $4,000

Description: B. J. Adams has graciously donated this beautiful quilt for our silent auction.  She asked that the bidding start at $750, which is more than fair.  B. J. specializes in machine embroidery, using thread as if it were her pencil or paintbrush.  Like much of her work, empty spaces fall away to zoom into the main action of the piece, in this case, the artist's hand works with nature to bring color and life to the leaves, or symbolically in my mind, to life around us.

The textile is 41" wide x 32" high.

Visit B. J. Adams Art in Fiber on TAFA

Other Auction Items

2. Geo Splash Necklace
Crocheted Necklace by Emily Ugolini

Minimum Bid:  $15
Retail Value:  $50

Emily Ugolini of Nothing But String brings a contemporary twist to the art of crocheting and knitting.  She has a great sense of color and design and will have other items available for purchase at the TAFA Market.  This necklace has two long ends that meet at the back.  They can be brought over to hang in the front or the larger design also be worn at the back with the long ends in front.

3. Dog Food Bag Woven Purse
"Candy", Dog Food Purse by Rayela Art

Minimum Bid:  $100
Retail Value:  $360

I make these purses out of the top layer of paper that covers dog food bags.  More pictures and full story on my blog.  This item is currently available for purchase in my Etsy shop.  I will remove it from Etsy when it gets its first bid on this auction.

Dimensions: 11" wide x 11" high (including handle)
Metric: 28 cm wide x 28 cm high

4. Ralli Quilt #92
Vintage Ralli Quilt from Rayela Art

Ralli Quilt #92, Details

Minimum Bid:  $100
Retail Value:  $350

Specifics on this piece:
The whole quilt is cotton. This one is an oldie! Top fabrics were hand dyed and the back was stamped with wood stamps. The dyes used are not fast, so they appear to be veggie, but most likely are not. The quilt is in pretty good condition and was stitched well, but it does show some signs of wear (small holes, worn areas). It would look great as a wall hanging. This is one of the best ralli quilts I have purchased. It's not easy to find the a
ppliqued ones.

The quilt was constructed completely by hand. I didn't see any evidence of machine sewing. It was musty and smelly, quite dirty, so I machine washed it and it cleaned up beautifully.

Estimated age: 1950's

Dimensions: 72" long x 49" wide
Metric: 183 x 124.5 cm

Prairie Point Pillows
by Rayela Art

Prairie Point Pillows by Rayela Art

The following four items are all similar pillows that I made.  They are all similar and have the same description as follows:

This technique is called prairie point. Basically, you take a square of fabric, fold it in half, then in half again, fold the edges in (kind of like origami), and sew it down. Make a long string of them and then attach starting from the outside, working in. The center piece is a large yo-yo, appliquéd down.

The background fabric is a thick, rough upholstery fabric, kind of knubby. The prairie points are a fine linen that have a nice sheen to them. The yo-yo in the middle is a hand-batiked cotton from Indonesia. The back is a thickly woven, sturdy cotton fabric. The pillow is strong and you could probably machine wash it, but I would recommend dry cleaning.

The pillow form is not included.  These are all currently listed in my Etsy shop and will be removed from the shop when the first bid has been placed.

Dimensions:  16"

Photos are of the center piece as the outside is the same as the one pictured above.

5. Prairie Point Pillow #1

Minimum Bid:  $10
Retail Value:  $60

6. Prairie Point Pillow #3
Minimum Bid:  $10
Retail Value:  $60

7. Prairie Point Pillow #4
Minimum Bid:  $10
Retail Value:  $60

8. Prairie Point Pillow #6
Minimum Bid:  $10
Retail Value:  $60
Enter your bids on this form.

Be sure to scroll all the way down and click the submit button.
You will get a confirmation that your information has been sent.

Other items being sent in by TAFA members that still need to be photographed:
(Click on their names to see their TAFA Member Profiles)

Ariane Mariane:  7 scarves, 1 vest, 1 tunic (all hand felted)
Carol LeBaron: Grab bag of fabrics
Heather Lair: 6 fabric postcards
Rosemary Boyd:  Two Lariats
Cindy Grisdela: Two Quilts and Two Quilted Pillows

Many thanks to these TAFA members for their generosity in both the product and paying for the shipping, coming as far away as France and Australia!

These will be added to the TAFA page after April 15th, so do check back over there!


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