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Sunday, April 10, 2011

TAFA Market Focus: Constance Rose

Mountain Sunset by Constance Rose, $295,  20"x16”

TAFA is having its first public event during the AQS Quilt Show in Paducah.  We are excited to introduce TAFA to the public at large and are hoping to raise funds for our new website.   We have a silent auction and raffle, both available to online participants and an exhibit and vendors.   These are ways in which you can donate to support our efforts.  This blog will feature the works and vendors in the next two weeks.  You can see all of the TAFA Market posts in one place by clicking on this link

Today's TAFA Market focus zooms in on:

Constance Rose

"Vanishing Point" by Constance Rose, $295, 20"x16”

When I first saw Connie's work on her website, I fell in love.  And, it is strange for me because much of her work is abstract.  I don't care for abstract art in paintings, sculptures or other media.  And, I don't like modern jazz.  It makes me uncomfortable, disjointed.  Same part of the brain?  Normally, I am drawn to functional craft.  Things which can be used, but are beautifully made.  Not so with textiles.  For some reason, the textures, colors, and shapes invite me in and make me want to stay, to explore.  And, Constance Rose sings the right notes in my book.  I was overjoyed when she joined TAFA as a member!

"Chartreuse" by Constance Rose, $345,  23"x16”

Constance has mastered many different techniques which she constantly explores in her textiles:  dyeing, printing, discharging, using both ancient techniques and modern digital ones.  She calls on many traditions for her influences and inspiration, indigenous ones from around the world and modern architectural references.

"Fields of Dreams" by Constance Rose, $795, 20"x16”

Hailing from California, Connie describes her path in fiber art:  "I have been working in textiles since the early 1970s. Beginning as a custom clothing designer, my fiber career has included knitting, crochet, embroidery, paper making, spinning, dyeing, weaving and now, surface design and studio quilting."  Most of her pieces are relatively small but worked intensely.

"Hope Fulfilled" by Constance Rose, $475, 29"x15”

Aside from the range of techniques that Constance uses, she has also produced an astonishing amount of work.  Her Etsy shop is fully stocked and she shows an impressive number of over 500 sales in her shop, not an easy task to accomplish with higher end pieces, especially in this economy.  She also maintains several blogs and does an excellent job of documenting her work.  This tells me that Connie wears the many hats needed to be a successful studio artist: production, documentation, photography, retailer, promoter, and so on....  An example for us all!

"Sparkling Sands" by Constance Rose, $295, 20"x16”

Constance has been wonderfully supportive of TAFA and has sent the six textiles in this post for our exhibit.  They are all available for sale, even if you can't make it to the TAFA Market.  We can ship your purchase to you after the show is over.  Contact me if you are interested in purchasing one or more of Connie's pieces.  You can, of course, also purchase Connie's work through her website or Etsy shop, but these six will also help us reach our financial goals for funding our new  website.  60% goes to Connie and 40% to the site.  

Many thanks to Connie for participating in our TAFA Market!  I know I can't wait to see her wonderful work all hung up and ready for the show!


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  1. Thanks so much for featuring me, Rachel! And just to set the record straight, 95% of those 500+ sales at Etsy were spinning fibers and weaving yarns -- NOT finished art quilts! But the number still looks impressive.


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