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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

TAFA Market: April 27-30 during the Quilt Show in Paducah

The countdown has begun!  In 22 days, TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List will host its first live event in Paducah, Kentucky.  Are you coming for the quilt show?  Whether you were planning to or not, if you love textiles, TAFA, along with the quilt show and all of the special events that happen during this time, makes a trip to Paducah a must. 

TAFA's Mission:  Markets for Members

This mission translates into various online opportunities for members through social media, connections with potential buyers and other strategies that will hopefully drive business to member sites.  Yet, for all the help the internet has brought to small businesses in reaching worldwide markets, there is still nothing like seeing the work in real life.  TAFA is currently fund-raising to pay for its new website which will hopefully happen through the Market.  This first event will also teach us a lot about potential group shows and events that we can host in the future.  Join us as we open the doors to the world for our members!

Several textiles will be on display by Constance Rose

What's happening at the TAFA Market?

Crossroads Trade 
Several things!  All very exciting:  

  • Exhibit:  Members are sending in textiles, jewelry, and accessories from all over the world.
  • Vendors:  Several members are setting up booths with ethnic textiles and apparel. 
  • Silent Auction:  Members are sending in textiles and products to help raise money for the new website. 
  • Raffle:  My business, Rayela Art, is donating several pieces through a raffle, also to benefit the new website.

See a preview of some of the exhibited items on our TAFA site.  I will feature a different exhibitor or vendor every day on this blog over the next two weeks.  So, stay tuned for more details and sign up to receive new posts via email (see the sidebar for the email sign-up box).

Some of the auction and raffle items will be available online for those of you who cannot make it to Paducah.  I am still setting that up and hope to have it ready in the next couple of days.

Where is Paducah?

I moved to Paducah from Chicago five years ago.  It's a straight shot down, about a seven hour drive.  Atlanta and Dallas are about the same distance.  It is also almost in the mid of a triangular hub consisting of St. Louis, Nashville, and Memphis, each around three hours away.  We do have an airport with convenient flights to Nashville, Memphis and Chicago.

Hotels are usually booked up to 50 miles away for the quilt show by now, but residents open up there homes for the event, charging around $50 a night for a room.  The Paducah Convention & Visitor's Bureau keeps a list, so contact them.

TAFA Market Location

We are going to be in a great space!  The Market will be just off of Paducah's main street, Broadway, at 124-126 Second Street.  For those of you who have been here in the past, we will be just a couple of doors down from Kirchoff's Bakery, a popular destination for those who want healthy lunches.  The Quilt Museum is two blocks away, the Convention Center four blocks, and the AQS vendor outlet in the Finkel's building is just around the corner.

View TAFA Market in a larger map

I have posted about Paducah's Quilt Show in the past so if you want to get a feel for what happens here, click on this link.  The city really becomes alive and there is plenty to see and do.  It is always a gorgeous time of the year with the Dogwood trees in full bloom and moderate temperatures, perfect for walking around.  Many people think that the Quilt Show is only for quilters.  Not true!  One does not have to be a potter or painter to appreciate pots or paintings.  Likewise, both TAFA and the Quilt Show offer a great opportunity for those interested in both traditional and contemporary quilts and textiles to see and purchase great pieces of hand work.  Also, the LowerTown Galleries will have special events going on and only a few of them focus on textiles.  And, here is the link to the American Quilter's Society's show in Paducah.

Help make this event a successful one for us!  Forward this posts to people you know will be coming to Paducah, share it on your social media sites and help us spread the word.  We truly appreciate your interest and help and look forward to meeting those of you who will be coming!


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