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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Obama Made Me Cry

I watched President Obama's inaugural speech surrounded by my four monster dogs. Every now and then, I would tell them, "It's President Obama!" They wagged their tales and really seemed to like the word "Pre-zi-dent"... Tears came to my eyes as I listened and watched this wonderful moment in our history. I love how he constantly tells us that this is not about HIM, but about US, as a country. He has such a huge job ahead of him.... but, as he reminded us, WE have a big job.

Last night the late night comedians were all saying good-bye to the Bush years with deep regret. Regret because they had so much material to work with for the last eight years:

In Brazil, there is a saying, "A gente rir p'ra nao chorar..." It means, "we laugh to keep from crying". President Bush also made me cry. Tears of frustration, disbelief, outrage, despair... the last eight years have been one embarrassing and distressing backward step after another.

People and pundits have been talking about how we cannot expect too much from Obama. As I write this, I just heard a commentator on NPR say, "He is just one person, not the Messiah." But, one person has done a lot of damage in the last year, so maybe this new person can bring as much in healing and reconstruction. They are not all-powerful, these Presidents, but they certainly do wield power. And, I cannot express how much relief I feel that this power is now in the hands of this new man and his vision. I know that he will make mistakes and that he is not perfect. I just pray that God will protect him and those loved by him, guide him and give him the wisdom to make good choices. His speech was powerful and hopeful. May each of us contribute in this reconstruction to the fullest of our abilities.

Good-bye, President Bush. I heard you might write a book. I recommend that you don't. Words are not one of your gifts, so just leave them alone. I don't wish you any harm, but I am very happy to see you go. Go in peace and leave the world alone.

President Obama made me cry. I cried tears of joy and relief. I hope that he continues to make me cry for the next eight years! (We all know, don't we, that this is a two-term President? Woo-hoo, yippee!!!!)



  1. Love the Bush clip - so funny. Or it would be if he hadn't actually been in charge for the last 8 years!

  2. Amen! Loved your post, I agree with everything!

    I am having an Etsy Blog Party next week on my blog...hope you'll stop by and check it out :)



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