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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Introducing Artezano Links, A Treasure Trove of Cultural Crafts!

I've been toying with idea of starting another blog, so I finally broke down and did it.

Artezano Links shares some common ground with Rayela's Fiber Focus because, obviously, they both serve my passion for ethnic art and cultural education. But, Artezano Links will include all crafts (fiber, clay, glass, metal, etc.) and will really be a link resource. Go take a look! Then, come back here and tell me what you think. I just got it up yesterday and started with molas, so there isn't a big body of material yet, but you'll get the idea.

I actually started something similar many years ago before blogs were popular. But, it was harder to disseminate information and it never really got going. As I've been working on Fiber Focus, I've seen so many sites that I didn't use in an article or find that the links just keep growing and growing and this idea of another blog has been pushing its way into my brain.

Artezano Links will grow in spurts, as I am able to work on it. It's much easier than Fiber Focus where I often spend up to five hours on an article. Finding photos, figuring out what to say, asking permission to use the photos, and so on. On Artezanos, I'll load a photo representative of the site, add a descriptive text, link, and poof! On to the next one. Related books and videos will also be included. I'm exploring the possibility of developing some educational packets so this also serves as a research tool for me. Hopefully, this will interest home schoolers and teachers.

Fiber Focus also differs from Artezanos in that the glue is really the material (fiber) not the genre (ethnic). Here, on Fiber Focus, posts can talk about indigenous groups or urban deconstructionism (whatever THAT is!). My hope here is that through the medium of fiber we can find our common ground. Artezanos will focus on crafts that have culture specific references. If you sell or represent cultural crafts or see any sites you think should be on Artezanos, send me the link and I'll add it on. Of course I would love to have sponsors that would advertise on either or both of these sites........................ (hint, hint!)

Well, check on Artezanos from time to time and watch it grow. It will blossom into a beautiful sunflower, each seed representing a people, a place, and a heritage on this wonderful Earth!

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