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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Diana Bracy and Art for Obama- The Time Has Come!

Obama Fiber Mosaic by Diana Bracy

Diana Bracy, a Fiber Focus member, has become prolific in an interesting technique of layering bits of fabric to create large portraits. You can visit her page for more photos of her work, but one of them has received special attention, that of President Elect Barack Obama. Diana has been an active member of Quilters for Obama and she recently shared that their quilts will be exhibited in the Washington DC area:

"As a member of Fiber Focus, I am proud to share the fantastic news that my Fiber Mosaic of Obama will be showcased in the Washington, D. C. area in tribute to our President-Elect Barack Obama. As a member of Quilters for Obama, we plan to display more than 50 Art quilts. Susan Walen of Bethesda, Maryland organized this historic even in a matter of days!

The Obama Fiber Mosaic made its debut in Houston's International Quilt Festival in Oct/Nov of 2008. The image was seen by thousands and blogged on many sites. It would be my ultimate pleasure to give this Mosaic to the Obama family as a gift from me.

The event details:

President Obama: A Celebration in Art Quilts

Location: Cafritz Art Center, 150 King St., Silver Spring, MD

Dates: February 9 - March 5, 2009

Opening Reception: Friday, February 13th

The Cafritz Art Center will have all of our quilts professionally photographed and will publish a book to raise funds for scholarships for the Arts Center. They are discussing plans to have our quilts travel to other destinations. We have plans to invite the Obama family for a possible Private Showing."

-Diana Bracy

Diana is a member of "Fiber Artists for Obama", who each made individual pieces celebrating this historic election and then contributed in a joint project which resulted in this quilt:

Fiber Artists for Obama, Collaborative Quilt

Fiber Artists for Obama are also part of a larger group of artists and art groups who have endorsed Obama. The official Obama/Biden site lists the participants and gallery events that will be happening in the Washington D.C. area during the Inauguration.

Congratulations, Diana!

Note: The Fiber Focus Group is a social network open to anyone who loves fiber art and textiles. The group has grown to over 120 members from around the world, mostly artists, but also collectors and dealers, like myself, who work with ethnic textiles. Visit us and if you like what you see, come join us!



  1. Wish I was going to be in DC next week! This event looks like an awesome contribution to an amazing week in our nation's history

  2. Rayela, thank you so much for the feature article! I was off of the computer, yesterday and had my eyes glued to the TV programs. It was the most emotional inauguration that I have ever experienced.

    My heart was overflowing with love for our country and all people. Watching the "sea of people" on the "National Mall" in Washington, D. C. was just amazing. We are all related, I felt their emotions as I saw the tears flowing. Everyone was experiencing an historical event that will be documented forever.

    This is the beginning to a rough and rocky road. I am ready to do what is necessary to become a better citizen. I am meeting my neighbors and will participate to make my community a better place. The activities have always been here, it is me that never found the time to be a part of them.

    Yes, I will be a better citizen and neighbor. Here is my hand.

    Diana Bracy


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