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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Obama and McCain: Two Puppets Seeking Attention!

Crocheted Obama and McCain Finger Puppets

Right around election time, I got a package in the mail from my dear friend Diane, the Yin-Yang Knitter. "Hmmmm....." I says to myself, "What's this?" Opening it up, I find these two guys, political finger puppets, one of the funniest things I had seen in a long time! "Oh, Diane... You are something else!"

Backside of the puppets.

Note the detail of McCain's bald spot:

(Cackles like an old hag....)

Diane got the patterns for free through Lion Brand Yarn Studio. They rate the pattern as easy, although to me they look anything but easy!

I kept forgetting to photograph them, but finally got my act together. So, what to do with these guys? I guess you are supposed to play with them... For your entertainment, here is a little fun with the puppets:

McCain and Obama present their pedigrees to the world.

McCain and Obama pledge to run a clean campaign...

The candidates pontificate, debate, and repeat their key phrases
over and over and over and...

Obama wins!

But, McCain is still around, waiting for his turn...

Diane sent a couple of other links to projects she thought looked like fun. She is a regular contributor to Fiber Focus (Past articles). Click on the photos to visit the sites:

We can poke fun and roll our eyes, but finally, we must remember that people have died for this right and continue to fight around the world today for a voice in how their countries are run. Let us just hope that our elected officials take to heart the trust they have been given by their positions of power and leadership.

(And, FIX this broken mess!)


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  1. These are cute characters, lets hope the real ones earn their keep, from this side of the world things look more positive.
    Love the yarn shop too.


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