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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Fiber Artist's New Year's Resolutions...

OK ... So, it's that time of the year when we look back, assess the progress made, get filled with guilt over everything that didn't get done, then look to the next year and make some promises... resolutions.... goals..... hopes.... dreams...

I actually do have some resolutions related to my art and work. I'm not numbering them because they are all things I want to get done, so here goes:

  • Finish at least one UFO (UnFinished Object). Every fiber artist has stacks of them. I have a large tin box, filled with unfinished quilts. Ugh. So, one will be pulled out and finished. I promise!
  • No new supplies! No fabric, no trim, no buttons, no nothing until I seriously make a dent in what I have. How is YOUR stash? Taking over your house? "Someday I will do something with it...." has arrived. That someday is 2009! OK, so I can replenish something that I need and that I'm out of, like Tiger Tail.... (just ran out)
  • Make two new quilts. I already have an idea for my parent's 5oth anniversary and for my dear friend, Tom. (This is a test to see if he really is reading this blog...) Tom is also going to be 50, so that will be my quilt theme this year.
  • Learn how to knit. ???? I'm still debating about this. I would like to have that skill, but am afraid it might open a whole new stash need and maybe it's not a good idea...
  • Start a new blog.................. groan, oh my!!! Yes, it's a bit nuts, but I think it's a good concept and will be easier than this one. (Many of my posts here take 3-5 hours!) It will be a reference for cultural crafts.

Well, that's enough to keep me occupied for several months. The trick to resolutions is to set goals that are achievable. Then, when the end of the year comes, you can look back and feel good about yourself. There are lots of other things I would like to do, but how realistic are they?

How about you? Any resolutions for this upcoming year? Click on "people with something to say" and leave your goals and dreams! May they all come true!

Happy 2009!!!



  1. My new year resolution is to start ear real money from my crafting. Mostly selling patterns and finished things on internet. My goal is to earn about 1000 dolars each month. And I started already, I created groups on Facebook and on flickr for similar people to share tips and links and ideas.
    I wish you happy and creative new year 2009.

  2. How impressive - not a single resolution involving food! Happy New year!

  3. I still haven't forgotten you invitation to be a guest artist and I have you email saved for when I have the time! I have enjoyed your blog posts and comments on my blog throughout 2008 and look forward to many more in 2009! Happy New Year!!!

  4. I don't take any resoution at all. Instead, I try to do what is necessary all through the year -- or give up. Well, some people get inspired by a little pressure! On the other hand, this date for the New Year does not seem to be supported by nature. It is neither a solstice nor any significant full or new moon, exept by coincidence. It was stated arbitrarily. So I do not expect it to be in harmony with natural rhythm.


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