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Monday, April 21, 2008

Woo Hoo! Our booth is up and ready! Paducah Quilt Show 2008

Dear Reader- Are you here in Paducah for our annual quilt show madness? If you are, then you must, I mean, MUST come visit us! I'm part of a fiber art group here in Paducah which is in the process of choosing a name for itself. We've been meeting for two years with no name and finally, the time has come. Tentatively, I'm referring to us as "Paducah Fiber Artists". Three of us have sublet a retail space downtown, 212 Broadway, just a few blocks from the Convention Center where the real madness reigns. We have lugged our boxes, set up our shelves and have our wares ready for the taking.

There's me and my crew, Rayela Art, with gorgeous textiles from around the world:
  • Ralli quilts
  • Indian saris
  • Indonesian sarongs
  • Textile stamps
  • Carved textile hanging rods
  • Kuba cloths and antique hats
  • Turkmen robes
  • Vintage kimono
  • Molas
  • Kilim rugs
  • African beads
  • Uzbeki suzanis

Then, there is Helene's Handye, with loads of eye candy for the serious fabric addict. Bob and Helene Davis have hand dyed fabric, including shibori, Helene's quilts, and boxes and boxes of high quality commercial fabric (up to 15 years old, but never used and crisp), sold by the pound (under $3).

Helene's Quilts

Hand-dyed fabric:

Irene Reising is our third member and she has stacks and stacks of vintage quilt tops, a few antique sewing machines, and fabric.

Irene, on the left, ended up being a big customer with our sarongs!

In other words, if you love fabric, you will love us! We are tired and excited and very happy to be here with all of you!

A note on Rayela Art product for the computer savvy quilters:

We don't have a credit card processor at the booth. You can, however, use Pay Pal to pay for your purchases. You can use your computer or go to the public library a couple of blocks away and pay your total through your account. We'll hold your purchases until payment hits our account and then give you your goods. We are also offering free shipping or 10% off on purchases over $100. We can ship whatever you don't want to carry. Nice deal, eh? Checks and cash are more than welcome.

Etsy and eBay product: Rayela Art also has lots and lots of product on Etsy and eBay that is not available at the booth, especially small, interesting textile remnants from around the world. You can purchase these online and we will bring them to the booth where you can pick them up and save on shipping. The links to both online stores are at the right hand side of this blog- look for the Etsy and eBay logos.

Bob Davis and Diane Gerlach, yakking away about the show.

Helene Davis tagging her fabric.

We guarantee a fun time with us and a healthy selection of great fabric, textiles and quilts. That IS what the quilt show is all about, isn't it?

Lovely Tatiana advertising our wares.

A special thank you goes out to Tatiana and Diane Gerlach (who drove ALL the way down from Kenosha, Wisconsin, to save me from true madness!) for both of their hard work and organizational skills. Pam Heaverin, also a member of our group, will be there during the second half of the week. Thanks, Pam!

Pam Heavrin

We welcome all of you to Paducah and wish you a wonderful stay wherever you are in this fair town of ours!


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  1. Oh how I wish I live near by:(

    -A Jakartan Girl, Indonesia-


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