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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tired Quilters in Paducah are On Their Way Home

Paducah welcomed thousands of quilters for a week of wonderful quilt-related shows and vending opportunities. The main attraction, of course, is the American Quilter's Society quilt show. But, everybody else (including me!) piggy backs on to the influx of these quilters who double the city's population and bring a much needed source of revenue for local businesses. Quilters come from all over the United States and from around the world. These cars were parked side by side at a lot close to the Quilt Museum:

There have been thousands of quilts to see, shopping opportunities at every turn, good food, perfect weather (no mosquitoes and the dogwoods are in bloom), classes, new friendships made, and just an all around good time with creative fabric addicts. Now, the exciting week is over and everybody is tired. Pooped out, exhausted, swollen feet, ready for the favorite couch or chair. Time to go home....

I went around and caught some photos of quilters who said they were tired, very tired:

All her bags are packed, she's ready to go...

Husbands have reached the end of their patience, too:

The trolley helps quilters back to their cars, buses, and hotels...

Everybody goes back to where they came from...

The city empties out and Paducah goes back to its normal pace. Sure, there is plenty to do, but nothing like when the quilters are here! We'll miss all of you! We thank you for all your support, your good will and all the life you bring to our fair city.

Remember that we are here year long and love having visitors the rest of the time, too. Come again and avoid the crowds! The museum will have new exhibits, there are lots of things happening in Lowertown (including the upcoming Lowertown Arts Festival in May), downtown Paducah has new businesses and restaurants and the area has lots of camping and shopping opportunities. So, come on down! Or, over, or up- guess it all depends on where you are! We'll be here, ready to welcome you back once your feet have had some rest!

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