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Friday, March 9, 2012

Win a Free Ad on TAFA! $1,000 Value!

TAFA launched its new site in January and the members have been busy getting their member profiles loaded.  Each day it gets more and more beautiful!  Now, we need your help to get people to come and see them!  In the process, we will also help you grow your audience.

Here is how it works:

  1. Post the image above on your blog, facebook page, or email your list with the link to our Sponsors page:  http://www.tafalist.com/sponsor-ads  (Your email needs to have a web version so that we can see it and link to it.)
  2. Say something nice about TAFA.  Why do you think people should visit?
  3. Go to our facebook fan page and leave a comment here with the link of what you posted.  (If you do not have a facebook account, get a friend to do it for you.  We need to have these links in one place...)
  4. We will post that link on our sites giving you a public thank you: facebook, google+ and linkedin.
  5. On March 31st, we will do a drawing of the people who posted their and the winner will get a free ad on TAFA for a year.  This is a $1,000 value!  (We will use a random number generator to pick the winner.)

Added Bonus

Get half off on TAFA Ads through March 20th!  (Non-members only)  Ads are $100 a month or $1000 a year.  This will give you a chance to test TAFA at a reduced rate so that you can see if it is a good place for your future ads.  We need to raise some cash to finish our site and your ads will help us with that.

TAFA's audience tends to be educated, well traveled women over 40.  If you have a an online business, our people might just like what you have to offer.  Businesses that would probably do well on TAFA:  Etsy shops, anything art or craft related, anything to do with travel, the environment, literature, decor, pets, and so on.  

If you don't know what to say, feel free to use the above text as is or in your own words.  Let's get some buzz happening!  I happen to be passionate about anything to do with textiles and fiber art and I love the diversity of our group.  They are each doing something very special in their own corner of the world and each brings in their own special talent that makes this place a better one for all of us.

Be a Winner!
Support TAFA!


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