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Friday, March 30, 2012

C&T Publishing Goes Solar!

Press Release - contact Megan Scott, C&T Publicity Manager

C&T Publishing caters to the quilting and craft community, publishing wonderful how-to and other books.  I am on their mailling list and received this email.  I thought it was so wonderful that I had to share it here.  Making a commitment to go green is a huge financial investment and I heartily applaud them for their efforts.

Visit their site and support them in their good work:  C&T Publications


C&T Publishing Goes Solar!

Solar panels on C&T's office roof
          Concord, CA, March 29, 2012: C&T Publishing is thrilled to announce the completion of new solar panels installed on the company's office roof. After extensive research, negotiations, and permits, the new solar system will soon be generating 29.9KW of power, which will provide at least 95% of the power consumption for the publisher's 12,500 sq. ft. building.

In keeping with C&T's commitment to the environment and reducing their carbon footprint, the publishing company is proud to be powering their offices with clean energy from the sun.

"As a book publisher, with paper a core part of our business, we are concerned about the future of the world's remaining endangered forests and the environmental impacts of paper production," says Todd Hensley, Chief Executive Officer. "We want to do everything in our power to reduce carbon emissions and help fight global warming."

The company is a certified California Green Business (greenbiz.ca.gov) and adding solar panels is just one of the many steps C&T has taken in their on-going effort to "go green".

Here are a few more of the environmentally-friendly office policies C&T Publishing has adapted:
  1. All catalogs are printed on recycled paper with high post consumer waste content.
  2. Adopting strict printing policies has drastically reduced paper usage.
  3. Reduced water usage by installing low-flow toilets.
  4. Cut electricity use by switching to fluorescent light bulbs.
  5. Set up an extensive recycling plan
  6. Adopted green standards in warehouse operations.

About C&T Publishing

For 28 years, C&T Publishing has been the industry leader, providing exceptional books and products to the quilting and fiber arts markets worldwide. C&T Publishing's books and products are available in bookstores, quilt and fabric stores or from www.ctpub.com, or 800/284-1114.


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