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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Page on TAFA: Etsy Shops!

Visit TAFA! A treasure trove of textiles and fiber art!

Have you been to visit TAFA yet?   TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Arts List was launched in February and has been growing steadily into a beautiful group of textile and fiber art businesses!  I was surprised to see that about 30% of our members were also Etsy sellers.  We have decided to organize ourselves into an Etsy Team and to get the ball rolling, I set up a page on TAFA with our Etsy minis.  How fun to see us all together on one page!  The stores are divided into their main focus, although many also carry products that would fit into other categories.  Here is a sample:

Home Interiors  
Papaver Vert
Susan M. Hinckley
Vintage Renewal
Yellow Violet

Our goal?  To become THE destination for the best source of textiles and fiber art on Etsy.  Our members are both working artists and small businesses who work with cultural textiles.  You will find contemporary work and traditional techniques, old and new.  Many of us support green practices, recycling, fair trade, and other worthy causes.

Feel like shopping?  Remember, when you shop from small businesses like these, you are supporting real people, people who work very hard at making this world a beautiful place, filled with the art of all that is handmade!

 TAFA members rock!

Are you a fiber artist?  Do you work with textiles?  


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