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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

TAFA on Flickr!

"Push", 37 x 44", 2009 by Betty Busby 

TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List, a project I launched in February of 2010, continues to grow.  It has been a source of great pleasure and inspiration to me to welcome new members and experience, albeit vicariously, the beauty of their work.

We now have a group page on Flickr and members have been busy loading their photos.  Such eye candy!  Take a look:

As we grow, so does the diversity within our group.  We started out with a wonderful representation of art quilters, still our largest category.  But, we now have a nice selection of people who focus on weaving, embroidery, and dyeing.  Most of our members are working artists, but we also have many who work with cultural textiles, several who offer textile tours in various countries, and quite a few who are published authors and who offer workshops in their studios.  The combined talent and knowledge represented in this group is astounding!

The group on Flickr allows our members to share more of their photos and to come together as a unit.  We hope that you will visit us there, leave comments and share what you like.  Help spread the word about this wonderful group!

Our community is on facebook and we invite you to join us there as well:

Interested in becoming a TAFA member?  There is a one-time membership fee of $25 to join.  No renewals.  The fee will be going up to $40 in the Fall, so this is a good time to hop on.  Members must have a developed presence on the web, good photos, and a seasoned focus.  Visit the membership page on TAFA for more info.

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