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Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Banjara Patches Available at 10% Off!!!

New Banjara patches are in!  Get a 10% discount on my website!

These patches are wonderful as you can incorporate them into larger textiles, attach them to bags, jean jackets, hats, and other accessories, or frame them as a small textile sample.  The smaller ones are about 3x4 inches while larger ones can get up to 5x5 inches.  All are hand embroidered by women who were traditionally nomadic in India.  I get them from a supplier there, sight unseen, and she usually includes some newer ones and some older ones.  You can tell by the embroidery thread that was used and by the wear on the back of the patches.

Shishas are low quality glass mirrors that are used in Indian embroidery.  The story goes that they became popular after the Taj Mahal was built.  The Banjara also believe that they have protective powers and protect the wearer against the evil eye.  I have written a couple of articles about the Banjara here before.  They are genetically proven to be the ancestors of the Roma (also known as gypsies).  Click here to see those articles.

Instructions for purchasing the patches are on my website.   Basically, you email me with the ones you want, I check for availability and send you a total and you pay via Pay Pal.  I will start listing them on Etsy next week and once they are in the shop, you will have to go through their shopping cart to purchase them.

I apologize for the images.  I have a new camera and am still learning how to use it.  This batch of photos came out a bit muddy and fuzzy, but the colors are very close to the actual piece.  Well, if you like these patches and want some, you better go take a look quickly!  I usually sell about half of them with the first three days of posting them on my site.  Otherwise, you will find what is left in my Etsy store.



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