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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What is an Artisan? The Story from Maker to Market (Aid to Artisans)

Aid to Artisans works with producer groups around the world. They are an excellent organization with a hefty track record. Here is their description of what they do:

We create economic opportunities for artisan groups around the world where livelihoods, communities, and craft traditions are marginal or at risk.

We blend a passion for the deep-rooted cultures and handmade traditions of the developing world with a commitment to building profitable businesses. Environmentally sound practices are at the foundation of our methodology. We recognize that we can only bring lasting economic growth if we provide an integrated approach to product development, business skills training, market access and eco-effective processes.

We accomplish this by working together with partners in the countries where we work and in the markets we connect artisans with, leaving behind an infrastructure that continues to support the artisan community long after we complete our mentoring.

This video reminds us that every product that reaches the market has passed through many stages and many hands, each with their own set of demanding tasks. Visit Aid to Artisans to lean more about all of the technical assistance they provide and for information on the many groups they work with around the world.

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