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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Colorjack - a Tool for Playing with Color by Gina DeLorenzi

Considering the cost of artistic materials, angst over making a mistake purchasing fabric or paints or other art expenses can lead to procrastination, loss of a great idea or ineffective artwork.

Sure, looking at magazines for appealing color combinations is one solution. But those glossy pictures are not my own creation and I have had no success translating magazine adverts to real art. I like Color Harmony by Hideaki Chijiiwa for musing over color choices.

It’s portable and can be taken shopping. And then there are professional programs available that can provide color mixing, but are expensive to buy.

Colorjack is a website that has 3 tools to get instant color palettes. These tools are called Color Theory Visualizers. To use Color Galaxy, just let your cursor hover over any of the array of colored boxes and a palette appears. To use Color Sphere move your cursor around on a ball. Color Studio has you moving your cursor along bars. The colors chosen indicate their RGB (red,green,blue) values. Hue, saturation and value (HSV) codes are automatically generated.

For Photoshop enthusiasts, Colorjack has a link to a list of links for Photoshop tutorials plus several other color related websites.

For quilters who don’t want to be constrained by the fabric industry’s annual colorways in printed quilt fabric, Colorjack could help you delve into your stash and try some different color combinations using what you already have.

Artists working in oil or other media, dig out your half used paint tubes and enter what you have on hand into the software.

An unexpected color combination just might inspire that vague idea wandering in your dreams or sketchbook. Plus using up, recycling and rethinking our product stashes are always smart ideas.

Circus Quilt by Gina DeLorenzi, quilt artist

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Gina is a self taught quilt artist. She creates visual and emotional impressions in her fiber art by allowing a relationship between various fabrics to emerge. The stunning results of her dyeing and sewing techniques energize the direction each art work takes.

Gina is a regular contributor here on Fiber Focus. Click here to see her past posts.

"Gina's kaleidoscopic quilt collages are a focal point on walls in any setting." Ellen Ray Panero New York artist represented in the Guggeheim

“The colors are so vibrant, one’s eye is mesmerized.” Eva Birkner

modern interpretations of a traditional art form
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