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Monday, April 6, 2009

Paducah Quilt Show, April 22-25, 2009: Important Notes

Rachel Biel Taibi and Heidi Lampe
at the AQS Show in Paducah, 2006.

Heidi came all the way from Brazil!

The American Quilter's Society hosts an annual quilt show here in Paducah every year. Thousands of women (men do come, too) with big bags descend on the city, giving a much needed economic boost to our local economy. All of us are putting our gears into drive, getting our red carpets out and shining up our wares as we prepare for one of the great highlights of life in Paducah. Are you coming? If you are, I'd like to direct you to some important links and places that I hope you will follow and visit.

Where to Find Rayela Art in Paducah

My selfish nature wants you to come find me and my stuff! (Heh, heh, chuckle, chuckle....) I sell textiles, fabric and remnants on Etsy and eBay, but I also have a permanent booth at English's Antiques, 212 Broadway. English's is located conveniently on Paducah's main street downtown, the second block from the river and only two blocks from the Quilt Museum.

Rayela Art has a large booth at English's Antiques. 212 Broadway, downtown Paducah.

Last year I rented a temporary booth space and then moved into a permanent one after the Quilt Show. I will be at my booth during the afternoons and hope that you will come find me!

Rayela Art specializes in textiles from around the world.

Find Rayela Art's Friends in Paducah!

Other friends will also be renting space at English's. Bob and Helene Davis of Hand-Dye Fabric will be back with their wonderful selection of Helene's cotton hand-dyed fabrics and boxes and boxes of her commercial stash. After Helene started dyeing her own fabric, she no longer had much use for her extensive stash which she had collected over a period of 15 yrs. This is now being made available to the public and is sold by weight.

Bob and Helene Davis will be at
212 Broadway during the Quilt Show.

Irene Reising used to have a retail store which specialized in vintage quilt tops. She still has a large collection left and will also be at English's this year. Irene usually comes up with several vintage sewing machines and other interesting collectibles, so it will be interesting to see what she brings this year.

Find vintage quilt tops with Irene Reising
during the Quilt Show in Paducah.

All of us are part of Paducah Fiber Artist's, a group which meets monthly at each other's houses. It's a pot luck, usually delicious, and we bring our work for show and tell. I love seeing everybody and look forward to our meetings every month! This year, Heart of Healing Gallery, will be hosting a show representing our group.

Heart of Healing Gallery exhibits the work of
Paducah Fiber Artists during the Quilt Show.

Heart of Healing Gallery is located at 233 North 7th Street in Paducah's Lowertown neighborhood. I work there every Saturday and Sunday afternoon from 12-5PM, so if you are the weekend before or after the Quilt Show, you will find me there. Dr. Christi Bonds, who owns the gallery, is a medical doctor who also practices Chinese medicine. The gallery is housed in the same building as her clinic, Integrative Medicine of Kentucky. Dr. Bonds is also a fiber artist, a member of Paducah Fiber Artists and we share the same passion for ethnic and cultural textiles. Aside from our group show, you will find an incredible collection of Kuna Indian molas, vintage kimono, Hmong pandau, Chinese paper cuts and peasant paintings along with other textiles and ethnographic items. I will also have a corner there with some of my ralli quilts, suzanis and textile stamps.

The American Quilter's Society Show in Paducah

April is a beautiful month in Paducah! I had never seen a dogwood tree until I moved here from Chicago and have since fallen in love with them. They were in full bloom last year during the show. Unfortunately, we suffered a terrible ice storm during the last week in January which wrought severe damage on our trees. Nature heals itself and the spring has started to show its beautiful face here. The climate is normally perfect for visiting the show and walking around town.

Dogwood trees blossom in Paducah during the Quilt Show.

The Quilt Show is housed in our Expo Center which is right on the river, downtown, and within a couple of blocks from the Quilt Museum. You can find all the info related to the show on the American Quilter's Society's website. The Executive Inn, which is attached to the Expo Center, has been undergoing extensive renovations which are being documented on the AQS blog. Housing can be a challenge, so AQS has also set up local accommodations in people's homes for its members. The Paducah Convention and Visitors Bureau has information on this program and other local information.

The Quilt Show is an inspiration to all of us who are fiber artists. One would think that everything under the sun has already been made or explored. Yet, every year, new works bring a fresh approach to the same materials: needle, thread and fabric. The show houses the work of several competitions hosted by leaders in the quilting industry. My favorite, though, I must admit, is visiting the booths of the hundreds of vendors who also set up with their wares.

AQS Show in Paducah, viewing the exhibited quilts.

Vendors sell fabric, threads, quilting accessories,
books and other tools quilters just must have!

You can see my other posts on the Quilt Show for more information and links. So, I ask you again:

Are you coming to the Paducah Quilt Show?

If so, leave a comment on this post. I would love to know who is coming so I can keep an eye out for you!


  1. Wish I could go. Sounds like fun. The dogwood trees are beautiful. Your town/city must look wonderful when they are all out.

  2. one day, i will go to paducah!

  3. Paducah looks pretty cool, Rachelita.

  4. I will be coming for the first time! I am so excited.

    I will keep an eye out for you.



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