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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

212 Broadway is Ready for The AQS Quilt Show in Paducah!

English's Antiques at 212 Broadway in Paducah
makes way for quilters!

Last year, during the AQS Quilt Show in Paducah, I rented space from Barry, owner of 212 Broadway's store, English's Antiques. I liked being there so much that I have a permanent space right to the left, as you walk in. Summer was decent, Fall brought the collapse of our economy, local, national and worldwide, and forget doing business in January, February and March. So, as the Dogwood trees start blooming in Paducah, we all anxiously await the annual event of the AQS's Quilt Show in Paducah.

Paducah is a small city in Northwestern Kentucky. The most common statistic that I have heard is that our population is around 26,000 during the night and around 40,000 during the day. People who live in rural areas may work or shop in Paducah during the day and go home for the night. We are also conveniently located almost smack in the middle of a triangle that joins Nashville, Memphis and St. Louis, all major cities under three hours away from Paducah. With two major hospitals, a thriving artist community and other amenities offered in our humble city, this river town has slowly emerged from a depressed state to a stable one. The Quilt Show, an annual event, doubles our population for a few days. Women with big bags come from all around the world for the show, hosted by the American Quilter's Society, and make a few key stops around town, including the downtown strip closest to the Ohio River. Our hope is that they (could it be you?) will also stop in at 212 Broadway, located within a couple of blocks from the Quilt Museum and maybe four blocks from the Show.

Barry, owner of English's Antiques,
takes a stand in front of my booth.

Barry came to Paducah from England for that age-old calling of love for a woman. That woman didn't work out, but he found another woman who did, Diana. An electrician by trade in the Old Country, Barry found his niche in Paducah by importing English antique furniture, gorgeous pieces. He has shoved them to the back to make room for vendors hoping to cater to all these wonderful women (and men!) visiting our fair town.

Barry and Diana discussing something important
about the Quilt Show in Paducah.

I sell ethnic textiles from around the world. Kilims, Suzani, Indian spreads (make great quilt backs!), Ralli quilts, and much more. If you know what these words mean, my booth should call to you in the night! I depleted my online stores and brought my treasures to 212 Broadway, hoping that at least some textile lovers would find me in this ocean of fabric. My niche is a small one, but those who love these textiles are fervent about their calling. I am also a quilter and fiber artist and love incorporating remnants and ethnic fabric into my own work.

But, 212 Broadway also offers much to more mainstream quilters. Several vendors are there, selling their wares. Bob Davis, member of our Paducah Fiber Artists group, is selling his wife's quilting fabric stash. Once Helene Davis jumped into dyeing her own cottons, she never looked back, making her commercial (and huge!) stash obsolete. You can buy it by the pound. (I have a pile accumulating...)

Bob Davis selling Helene's stash to a Japanese customer.

Helene's quilts are also displayed and available for purchase. I can't wait until the day I can finally afford one of her masterpieces!

Diana, Pam and Helene, fondling fabrics and chatting.

Several other vendors also sell fabric, quilt crayons, quilting supplies, and more.

Today was our first day. We had a steady flow and hope that it will conitnue throughout the week. A couple of vendors have offerings that go beyond the quilting circles. Bunja is back with African beads, masks, and textiles.

Bunja selling African beads, masks and textiles at
212 Broadway in Paducah.

Diana especially likes Bunja's masks...

Diana can be scarier than this!
(All with Southern charm, of course!)

Then, there is Bumble Beads, a local jewelry business with a nice selection of affordable necklaces and earrings.

Bumble Beads Jewelry in Paducah, Kentucky.

So, if you are in Paducah for the AQS Quilt Show, do take some time to come and find us. And, if you read this blog, let me know! I would love to put some faces to that cyber world out there. I plan on being at my booth in the afternoons. I want to roam around in the mornings as this event makes of me a tourist, too.

And, for those of you who are not coming, I apologize for the bareness of my online stores. I pulled lots of things out and will replenish after the show. If I sell a lot, you will see lots of new gorgeous textiles. My Etsy store is still pretty full, so go there first. Links are on the right column of this blog. To all of us, may we each enjoy a wonderful week of eye candy, inspiration and good folk!


  1. Hope you enjoy your quilt show week. Also hope you sell lots.

  2. I wish you a lot of success!

  3. Wish I were able to be in Paducah and to visit your wonderful shop. Alas, not this year. Two total knee-replacement surgeries have made that impossible. But next year, watch my dust!


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