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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Different Kind of Fiber Art, or, "Don't Play with Your Food!"

Were you ever told, "Don't play with your food!" as a child? Well, Anita of Deerwoman Designs, sent me one of those forwarded e-mails with these images and I just had to post them. I like to think that this artist overcame a childhood trauma about food by Playing with his or her food to the extreme. There was no source on the images, so if anyone out there knows who did these, I will happily credit them. All of the settings are made using food. Click on the images for larger photos and you will see more detail.

I had to chuckle, too, because when I first chose Fiber Focus as a name for the blog and ning group, I was thinking about fiber art, not food. But, Google's spider also sees fiber as food. I have a subscription to google alerts where you can have google send you a list of daily notices where your key phrases appear. Fiber Focus is searched and google duly reports on a gazillion articles about how to lose weight, how to stay "regular" and other food related articles. This post combines the two Fiber Food as Fiber Art!

I like to play with food sometimes... Back when I was in college, I worked in the school cafeteria. Sometimes my shift would be in the serving line and there were always bits and pieces of food that would build up on trays. I would make sculptures of them that would stare at the next person in line. The aging process has not changed that curiosity. Last night for our monthly Paducah Fiber Artist meeting, I made a broccoli forest dish. Make a base of rice in a cake pan and stick broccoli shoots into it, straight up so that they look like trees. Decorate with other vegetables to make your own magical place. Nothing like these photos, but fun and perhaps a way to encourage children to try a healthy dish...

Salmon, bread and potatos...

I dedicate this post to my beautiful husband, Mohammed, the best chef in the world!



  1. They are fascinating, aren't they? And, Mohammed is a cutie! :-)

  2. I've seen this work before...truly astonishing!


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