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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Brillante Blog Award

Erin Stoy of La Chapina Huipil Crafts awarded Fiber Focus with the Brillante Weblog Prize. Many thanks, Erin!

Erin lives in Guatemala and is a regular contributor to Fiber Focus as well as a member of our Fiber Focus group.

It is now my task to pass on the Brillante prize to blogs I feel deserve recognition. A difficult task as there are so many good ones out there! But, here are three that I follow regularly and who are also members of our Fiber Focus group:

Check them out!



  1. Rachel - we belong to a "mutual admiration society." I read your blog daily, just like the NY Times! How's that for high praise? Thank you for passing the award to me. :-)

  2. Rayela, I'm grateful and honored! You've caught me in a crazy week in which I must sacrifice all to the gods of deadlines and taxes, but I will catch up with your posts and all these wonderful blogs soon.
    Thank you so much . . .
    Red Thread Studio (and the forthcoming Making Good -- a blog on sustainable, organic, and artisan textiles and apparel)


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