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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sweet Home Blogger Award

Fabulous Threads presented me with the "Sweet Home Blogger Award" for sharing, beauty, love and joy through my blog. Thank you Annica! I am honored.

My job is to pass this award on to 5 people that have inspired me with their blogs. Below are five blogs that I recently discovered and find truly inspiring!

Here are my five:

My Marrakesh
Yarn Ball Boogie
Musings of a Textile Itinerant

There are many more that I like out there, but these five are excellent in my book! I keep adding new links in the right column, so there are plenty of good blogs to explore.


  1. you are much deserving of this award.... (and thank you!)

    check out a link on my blog (RokKnob)... beautiful work.

  2. Thank you, Rayela! You know I love your blog. You have a wonderful international perspective and I really like how you take time to explain a subject - it is a real learning experience. -Morna :)


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