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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Quilter's Stash on Etsy and eBay

I bought a lot of stuff to sell during the Quilt show. I'm drowning in it! Eeek! Slowly, piles are getting organized, photos taken, and things are making their way to my eBay and Etsy stores. Bob and Helene Davis had their booth next to mine with boxes and boxes of Helene's stash that she is no longer going to use. I wrote about it before the show in another post. It's almost like a disease, isn't it? All that fabric, sitting there, calling your name, wanting to be taken home.... So, I broke down and bought about 80 kilos of it, "If it doesn't sell, I'm sure I will use it someday...", said in a pathetic, whiny tone. Well, I did buy some of it specifically to post on Etsy and eBay. Finally, most of it is up!

I focused on tropicals, interesting art deco patterns and bold florals:

I was also lucky to grab a few hand batiked or printed pieces:

Most of Helene's stash were of 1 yard pieces of specialty fabrics. I bought them by weight and priced them accordingly. You can find them in my stores:

I combine shipping between both stores and give free shipping on purchases over $100 worldwide (except on textile blocks because of their weight). Shipping fees are based on priority mail rates. I mostly use the flat rate envelope for $5 and can fit quite a bit in one envelope. But, if you want snail mail, I can adjust those prices, too.

Do you share this same sickness? Then come buy some of this great fabric and help me on my road to recovery. "Hello. My name is Rachel and I am a fiber addict!"

Keep checking the stores for new items. I am listing them as fast I can. Coming soon: lots of ralli quilts, molas, Indian spreads, saris, sarongs, and tribal textiles from Afghanistan.


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