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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ad Special on TAFA: 50% off for one year!

Have you visited TAFA's new site?  www.tafalist.com

We have over 400 members and half of them have finally gotten their profiles up on the site!  Every day a couple more get up there, adding their unique contribution to the mix.  Our members are spread out around the world, representing more than 30 countries!  It's truly a wonderful selection of the best in traditional and contemporary textiles and fiber arts.

The new site is still not finished.  We went over budget by $2,500 and have many other features we want to add to the site.  We need to raise some money to do that so TAFA is offering a one-year ad to non-members for half of the price ($500 for the year instead of $1,000).  If you have an online business, you can help us reach our goal!

Our audience is mostly women over 35 who, of course, love all things fiber!  They tend to be educated, well-traveled and creative.  Ads that would interest our people:  anything to do with art, textiles, fiber art, workshops, cultural tours, travel, health, gardening, literature, yoga, green businesses,
craft supplies, and so on.

Specs are on TAFA's sponsor ad page.  For more info, contact Rachel.


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