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Thursday, May 12, 2011

TAFA Market Video

TAFA Market 2011, Paducah, Kentucky

Well, we did it!  Our TAFA members came through as vendors and exhibitors, helping to create a wonderful market during the AQS Quilt Show in Paducah, April 27-30.  The show was beautiful and so fun to see everything live, things that I had only seen before on the web.  We had members representing all five continents with both contemporary and traditional ethnic textiles, beads and crafts.  TAFA members really made this event happen as together they paid for the space, expenses and helped with marketing costs.  It was a sight to be seen!

Unfortunately, that week was also a time of major flooding in the region.  The Quilt Show had to relocate out of the Convention Center and away from downtown.  Attendance to the show was impacted by the flooding and many who would have traveled stayed home.  See the video for images of our show and of the flooding.

All in all, we consider the TAFA Market to have been a wonderfully successful event.  We had hoped to raise funds for our new website through the event, which didn't happen.  However, we almost broke even and given the context, we are extremely grateful for that.  Paducah has flood walls which protect the downtown area.  They held and continue to hold the Ohio River at bay.  Other cities and rural communities have not been spared as homes and farmland have been damaged or destroyed by historic flooding.

Many thanks to all of the TAFA members who participated and/or supported our TAFA Market!

Together, TAFA members do great things!


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  1. Powerful in so many ways. Thank you for your support of textile art.


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