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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Allison Svoboda Showing at Woman Made Gallery

Allison Svoboda
Ubiquitous Fecundity
sumi ink on Japanese mulberry paper, collaged
78 x 72 inches
$ 2,400 each

It's a wonderful gift to watch a friend mature into a true artist.  Yeah, yeah...  we can all get into those endless, fruitless discussions on what is art, whether anything is ever really new, what the value of "art" is in our world, etc.  But, to me, I believe that being an artist is a process of discipline, maturity, and innovation that eventually, through dogged persistence, evolves into a unique body of work that contains a recognizable signature.

Such is the case with Allison Svoboda.  We have been friends for some twenty years now, both sharing an interest in cultural textiles and sustainable development practices.  I don't remember when she took the plunge to "become a real artist".  Ten years ago?  From the beginning, she was interested in contrasts of black and white, in microcosms and topography, patterns in nature and how all of this could be translated to paper or fabric.

Her latest work breaks through the two-dimensional, flat translations bringing sculptural elements that make her work truly come alive.  I believe that she has found her voice, her signature, and has something new and fresh to contribute to the art world.  Ubiquitous Fecundity is beautiful.  Go see it.  The show at Woman Made Gallery in Chicago runs from March 4-April 28th, 2011.
Watch Allison Svoboda.  We can only expect that this signature will continue to evolve into more surprises, more eye candy, and more beauty.  

Kudos to you, Allison!

 Allison Svoboda, Flora #3
30"x40" collage, ink on rice paper


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