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Thursday, August 5, 2010

TAFA Members Talk: Patty Benson of Papaver Vert

Felt Podlets by Papaver Vert

Patty Benson of Papaver Vert creates gorgeous objects through crocheting and wet felting.  Her web presence consistently showcases her work through beautiful photography and careful presentations of her work.  Patty lives in Alameda, California, and as part of our series, "TAFA Members Talk", she describes her artist community there.  

Visit Patty's full member profile on TAFA for links to her website, Etsy shop, blog, and other links on the web.

Do you have a good support group? 
In regards to a support group for fiber art, not really. But I have a great support group in regards to other artists in different mediums - fashion, ceramics. All who have small business so I'm constantly picking their brains about business, marketing etc.

What do you long for?  
It would be great to know more fiber artists but I don't think it's extremely necessary since my other artist friends are a wealth on information. But it would still be nice to ask specific questions to those fiber people who know a lot more than me!

What excites you about where you live?
The bay area is so beautiful. You can go from urban to lush and green in minutes. I love walking all over my town, Alameda. I can visit the library, my local produce store, bookstore and get a coffee without getting in a car. There are a lot of artists in my area too and great fairs and shows.

Patty Benson's studio.

How do you market yourself?
Doing shows, facebook, blog, newsletter and e-mailing stores that I would like to be in.

What are your long term goals as an artist?
To be a true artisan in my medium. I want to really hone my craft and discover new ways of creating using wool and yarn. Eventually it would be a dream of mine to create installations and have my pieces in a gallery -  either in 3D form or hanging on a wall.

Papaver Vert's booth at the Renegade Craft Show
San Francisco, 2010



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