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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Paducah Fiber Artists: See us at the Quilt Show!

Ulla Shierhorn and Irene Reising at a Paducah Fiber Artists 
meeting held at Bryerpatch Studio.

We meet monthly, rotating around to studios and homes that can accommodate our group.  We bring great food, mingle around and catch up on what's been going on in our lives, then sit down for a "show and tell" of our latest projects.  Peppered with great story-telling, laughter, and sometimes sad events, these meetings and these people are a definite highlight for me and my life in Paducah, Kentucky.  Outwardly, we may not have all that much in common with each other.  We come from so many different backgrounds and focus on projects that vary greatly in technique and expertise.  But, inwardly, the Paducah Fiber Artists share a deep bond: we love all things fiber and have a deep curiosity about what our peers will come up with next on their list of endless fiber explorations.

Next week, Paducah rolls out its red carpets for the Quilt Show.  Most of the PFA members have work or special activities going on in different locations.  I asked our members to submit their news for those of you who are coming and have a list of where you can find us.  The first, must-see stop, is a brand new gallery that is a bit off the beaten track: Jefferson Street Studios, the gorgeous new home and work space of Bob and Helene Davis.  We had our April meeting in their new space and it exudes a wonderful sense of peace and harmony.

 Paducah Fiber Artists meeting at Jefferson Street Studios.

Both Bob and Helene are art quilters and Helene is especially known and recognized for her work as a dyer and surface designer.  Work representing the Paducah Fiber Artists is showcased in this first exhibit at their new gallery and Helene's hand dyed fabrics are also available for sale.  Do not be intimidated by the location!  It's only a short six or so blocks off the beaten track and truly worth the visit.  For more info: http://www.hand-dye.com/

LowerTown is Paducah's artist neighborhood, peppered with wonderful galleries, all of which will have special events during the Quilt Show.  We are especially grateful to Carol Gabany of "The Egg and I" for organizing an Art Walk which displays works by the Paducah Fiber Artists at various LowerTown galleries.  Go find us!

"Exuberance" by Susan Mogan at The Egg and I Gallery

  • Karen Hampton, "Orchid Splendor" and "Rhubarb" - Stornoway House Gallery 513 N. 6th  and "Relief" at Studio 7 on 6th -  314 N. 6TH
  • Linda Baxter Lasco, "Tree Skin Canyon" -  Bryerpatch Studio - 502 N. 5th
  • Deb Lyons, "Blue Quilt" -  Etcetera Coffeehouse -  320  N. 6th and "Shiva Dance"  - Reilly Ursury Studio - 527 N. 5th and "Invitation" -  Pinecone Studio -  421 N. 7th
  • Susan Mogan, "Exuberance" and "Jubilee", - The Egg & I - 335 N. 6th
  • Rachel Biel (yep!  That's me! A new dogfood purse...), "Doggy Soul" - Mentor House Gallery - 332 N. 6th
  • Lili Lui, 4 Monofilament, knitted necklaces -  The Egg & I - 335 N. 6th
  • Christi Bonds-Garrett, "Green Spirit II" - Studio 7 on 6th - 314 N. 6th and "Harmony Bone Hole" - Judeen's Art Studio - 720 Harrison St.  and "Spirit Ruins" - The Egg & I - 335 N. 6th
  • Pam Heavrin, "Shelly by the Sea" -  Pinecone Studio - 421 N. 7th
  • Robert Davis, "Reflections"  - Co Op Gallery corner of 5th and MLK
  • Helene Davis, "Flags II" and "Nexus"  - Reilly Ursury Studio, 527 N. 5th - and "Parameters", Bryerpatch Studio, 502 N. 5th
  • Karen Linduska, "Fantasy Garden #12" and "Fantasy Garden #20",  The Egg & I - 335 N. 6th St
  • Rosemary Claus-Gray, "Balance II" at Etcetera Coffeehouse - 320 N. 6th and "Folk Art Critter, Kevin" at Mentor House Gallery - 332 N. 6th

Here is an article on the walk: LowerTown Art Walk

Both Lily Liu and Helene Davis have work at the Yeiser Art Gallery's must-see exhibit "Fantastic Fibers".  Lily's piece at the left, "Make Every Minute Count" is a theme she brings up often at our meetings.  You can be sure that some of these rolled pieces were assembled during our show and tell times as she literally does keep her fingers busy at all times, either caring for her young ones or making a crazy new fiber invention. 

PFA member Sally Terry has a lot going on:

She will have “Nature’s Fireworks” hanging at Bob and Helene’s (Jefferson Street Studios). It is the cover quilt for “Pathways To Better Quilting”, Published by AQS. It is a wholecloth with Langa Lapu Fabric from South Africa. Machine quilted with over 40 different threads, including specialty threads. It has traveled in a National Wholecloth Exhibit.

Sally will be teaching a Running Threads Class and Quilt This-Machine Quilting How To Work  and Choose Patterns at AQS Show. 
She is also the author of the No. 1 Quilt Book “Hooked On Feathers” Published by AQS for 2009. The Quilt Channel will also feature Sally quilting the new Hooked On Feathers technique. She has a new book with a working title of “From Quilt Top To Quilted” to be published later this year.
Last, but surely not least, my hope is that every one of you will come and find me at my booth housed at Antique Galleria, 212 Broadway in downtown Paducah.  

 Charlotte Erwin leading 
a marbling workshop at Working Artist Studio.

Interested in learning how to marble fabric?  You can learn from our local guru, Charlotte Erwin:

Quilt Fabric Marbling Workshop
April 19, 2010 - April 24, 2010 Times: 10 AM-5 PM
Location:  Working Artist Studio, 303 N. 8th St.
Phone:  270.441.7844
Admission:  $65 person. $120 two people. Price includes 10 pieces of prepared fabric & supplies.
Hands-on one-hour fabric or paper marbling workshop with LowerTown artist Charlotte Erwin. Reservations suggested for two or more participants.

I sell cultural textiles from around the world and my booth will be loaded with great examples of these long time traditions.  My special focus is Central and South Asia, but I have some things from South America and Africa as well.  I will be depleting my Etsy store of its best pieces for the show, too, so if you like ethnic textiles, you will not be disappointed.  Dr. Christi Bonds Garrett of HeArt of Healing Gallery also moved her inventory to Antique Galleria and our booths face each other.  She also focuses on cultural textiles and has an incredible collection of molas, vintage Japanese kimono and other Asian textiles.  Between the two of us, you will be walking into paradise.
Clearly, there will be a lot to see and explore when you come to Paducah!   Bring good walking shoes and be prepared for sensory overload as you experience one great exhibit after another.  The dogwood trees are in full bloom, Spring is here in all its glory, and we welcome you with open arms!

For posts on this blog on past quilt shows, click here and click here for more stories on the Paducah Fiber Artists.



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