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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How to Wear a Sari (Saree)

Vintage Sari

I am getting ready to list some vintage saris on Etsy and just happened to find a fun video on YouTube. Have you ever tried to manage all the fabric into an attractive and convincing Indian look? I have a hard time even measuring it out for the listings! Well, this video gives a little history on the saris (also spelled sarees) and shows you how to wear one in a clear step-by-step instruction:

I buy the vintage saris that I carry from a friend who travels to India every years. They are beautiful satins with intricate weaving, but most have a tear or stain. We buy them for the fabric, to cut them up into quilts or other garments. They can also be used around the house, draped over windows, four-post beds and from the ceiling. But, if you ever need to wear one, now you know how!

I am hoping to have the saris listed on Etsy within a week. To check my stock, click here.

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