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Friday, June 26, 2009

New Textile Stamps Listed on Etsy!

I just listed several new textile stamps in my Etsy store. These are from Afghanistan, seconds from textile workshops there and carved out of pear wood.

Textile stamps have many uses for artists. Originally made for printing on fabric with ink or wax resist, they can also be used on paper or imprinted into clay. Make sure you have a soft padding under your fabric or paper when you press down. This will give you a clearer image.

As these stamps have been used, they might have nicks, damage or wear. Most artists who buy them, like the distressed look this produces. But, for a cleaner imprint, the stamps can be repaired using wood filler. Scrub them well before use as they have ink or wax residue from their prior use. Keep them lightly oiled when not in use. Cover with Vaseline before imprinting into clay.
Go to my Etsy store to see what is in stock or read past articles here for more information on the stamps as well as fabric and clay samples of how they have been used.

The stamps are also beautiful in their own right! I have many laying around my house just because I like looking at them. Larger ones can be displayed using plate hangers or stands.



  1. Those stamps are pretty! I like the one in the top photo.

  2. How do you clean the wood blocks?

  3. You can scrub them with a stiff brush and dish soap. The important thing is to not let them dry out, so rub some Vaseline or oil into them if you do wash them and are not using them regularly.

    The ones I sell have been smoked and often have residue of wax or inks on them, so they definitely should be cleaned before use.

    I have other posts about the stamps. Click on the "textile stamp" tag to see the rest of them.


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