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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Harry Belafonte Speaks: Race, Identity and Clarity

I just happened to find this video on youtube and thought it important enough to share. Harry Belafonte has always represented dignity, gentleness and grace to me. I admit that I started listening to the video because I was a bit surprised at his baldness, but then his words, his beautiful ability to see deeply into our history captivated my attention:

An old man now, Belafonte does not come to this deep-sightedness as a sudden revelation, but rather from a long struggle and hard work in the civil rights movement. He was in the middle of it all in the 1960's and continued to advocate not only for equality among blacks and whites, but that all of us might reach our potential as whole people, as a whole nation.

Unafraid to speak out against the Bush Administration, Harry Belafonte engaged himself in debating the deterioration of all of our civil liberties. I grew up with this smooth, soft voice. In him I see a role model who can excel at his gift, be filled with laughter and joy, extend a hand to artists in other nations, live fully and yet find deliberation, meaning and depth in every step of the way. A beautiful man, I count myself blessed to have had him as one of my shining stars in the great night of life!


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