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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sherry Shine's Beautiful Portrait Quilts

The 44th President by Sherry Shine

“The 44th” was created because of a speech that Barrack Obama gave back in March of 2008. He spoke about this not being White America or a Black America just the United States of America. That is when I knew he would be the next President of the United States and exactly what kind of quilts I wanted to create to honor him. I used black textile paint and grey charcoal pencils with a white background. The red border fabric is meant to symbolize all of the sacrifices we have made over the years in this country about the issue of race and ethnicity.
-Sherry Shine

"Mr. President", an Obama quilt by Sherry Shine

Sherry Shine certainly shines through her quilts! (Hmmm.... wonder how many people play on her name like that...) Sherry joined our Fiber Focus group awhile ago and quickly earned recognition among us as a talented quilter and figurative artist. Her quilts often use a minimalist color palette, favoring the grey tones seen in the Presidential quilts. But, they can also use bright colors, as in "Chronicles of a Journey" or her market series, vendors who look like they belong in a Haitian story.

Sherry's quilts go beyond technique to me. They have a beautiful calm to them, a tenderness towards both their subjects and to the rest of humanity. The word "lovely" could be used here, ringing true. It's a pleasure to meet Sherry and to begin to enjoy part of her journey with her.

"Chronicles of a Journey"
A Civil Rights and Black History Quilt by Sherry Shine

I asked Sherry to share a bit of her process as an art quilter:

"I have always used my own instinct as an avenue to express my creativity. I became interested in exploring the process of how to create quilts and their history through a lecture I attended many years ago and began creating quilts shortly after that. I have always had the ability to draw and became fascinated with the idea of joining the two together. I work on one quilt at a time in order to give it my undivided attention. The connection of the artwork and quilting continually fascinates and challenges my expression as an artist. I know that quilting has developed tremendously over the years and that in the past quilts were used as a necessity. But, it seems that the art form took on its own style through the talents of many gifted artists. Quilts have created a piece of history all on their own where the artists of today and future generations will want to be a part of them.

I currently live in East Orange, New Jersey, with my husband and two sons. I work on my art on a daily basis. Please visit my web-site: www.artbysshine.com"
-Sherry Shine

Whole Cloth Quilt by Sherry Shine

Our Fiber Focus Group is open to anyone who loves textiles and fiber art. Many of us are artists, but some are customers, interior designers, or dealers. Join Sherry, myself and others in this creative group!

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