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Saturday, August 20, 2011

New listings on Etsy! Vintage printing stamps from India!

Little printing stamps from India

I got a bunch of these little stamps from a dealer who had bought them at an estate sale.  It looks like they had been in storage for a long time as the boxes they were in were in pretty bad shape.  These stamps are small:  1.5" x 1" x 1"  (Metric: 3.25 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm) and the images they produce are not that great.  I tested a couple.  But, I think they could be fun as a quick repeat design on cards of fabric.

I divided them up into sets of six and am selling them for $12.50 a set (a couple bucks each).  The fun thing is, many of them are also whistles!  See the holes on the sides?  They sound like a kazoo or a cat in heat, or, the ones that work do.  I also thought there could be other uses for these: knobs on drawers or boxes, party favors, shadow box piece, etc.

You can see all of the stamps I have in stock on this page:  Textile Stamps.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Arrivals! Pakistani Remnant Pillows

Remnant pillows from Pakistan

 I listed 12 new pillow covers in my Etsy shop a couple of days ago.  The pillows are made of vintage textile remnants, couched with a thick black cotton in between the pieces.  Gorgeous textures and rich colors!  I got these from a dealer at a good price and kept the prices low, passing on my savings to you!  We used to sell these in our gallery for $48 and I have them at $18 in my shop!


All of them have cowrie shells sewn on them, an element that I don't particularly care for on these fabrics.  They are easy to remove if you also think they might be too heavy for the delicate embroideries.  Only in the last 20 years have remnants become valuable and I just love it when odd bits and pieces come together to form a new whole.  Think of all of the labor that went into each hand embroidered part!

The backs are all a black cotton with a zipper enclosure.  Mix and match to make sets.  I think these are a great gift for college kids going off to school.  Give them a piece of dazzle to spruce up their dorm rooms!  These pillow covers are 14" square, an easy pillow form size to find in hobby and fabric shops.  

You can see all of the pillow covers in my etsy shop here.



Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vote for us on Idea Cafe!

We are finalists for a $1,000 small business grant from Idea Cafe!  I applied on behalf of TAFA, hoping that we could use this money to help market the new website.  The grant is given to the finalist who has the most votes, so go over there and help us give a great showing!

And, if you also have a small business, check out Idea Cafe and see if they have anything that can help you, too!


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