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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Great Rewards from our TAFA Members for our IndieGoGo Campaign!

Most of you know that TAFA has been growing into a gorgeous organization full of eye candy with top notch fiber artists, organizations, and projects from around the world.  We now have 277 members from 23 countries and our Blogger platform has reached the limit of what it can do to show off these wonderful artists and products.  So, we are working with a talented team of web designers who will give us the proper platform, search engine, and tools that we need to continue to grow and fulfill our mission of providing new markets for our members.

We launched our fundraiser on IndieGoGo a week ago and so far our members have contributed $805 towards our $5,000 goal.  Members are also offering some great perks to those who donate.  We would love to see more participation from the community at large and hope that you will show us a vote of confidence by helping us fund this new site.  The best perk that we are offering comes in the form of an ad on our site.  We currently have our ads on the left sidebar on TAFA's site.  Ads that are current will transfer over to the new site when it is launched.  If you don't own your own business, perhaps you would like to promote a favorite charity, community group, or business that you endorse.  Our donors are also thanked publicly on IndieGoGo, facebook and on our fundraising page on TAFA.

Here are some of the other perks you can enjoy, generously offered by our TAFA members:

See our page on IndieGoGo for a full background on what we want for the website and for what perks we are offering our contributors.  A few of them are shown here.  If you would like to send in an amount that is different from the options available on IndieGoGo, you can use the donate button on TAFA.  It's on the right sidebar, just below the Flickr slide show.

$100 Donation Perks- Member Gifts

Get thanked on our site with a link of your choice plus a photo.  Plus, pick one of the following:

      The Loaded Trunk.  Click to visit the website.






      • 20% off on ColourSpun's shop OR a free ad on both of her blogs for two months.
      The blogs are ColourSpun and The News Thread.

        Castilleja Cotton

        • For each $100 donation, Castilleja Cotton will give the donator a $10 gift certificate for items in our online store.

        $500 Donation Perks- Member Gifts

        Get thanked on our site, with a link and photo. Also get an ad for 18 months. Ad will transfer over to the new site.  Plus, pick one of the following:

        Matisse Minutes #2   $80.00
        3” x 6.5”

        Matisse Minute #12 $95.00
        3 1/2” x 5 1/4”

        Matisse Minutes #13 & #44 $80.00
        5” x 6”

        • Two pounds of hand-dyed fabric, fiber and yarn from Pamela Penney Textile ArtsThe collection will contain variegated hand-dyed cotton yarn similar to this item, as well as hand dyed wool yarn, fat-quarter hand dyed cotton fabrics and hand-dyed wool roving!!  Beautiful one-of-a-kind hand-dyed materials perfect for the multi-media fiber artist.

            Of course, the best gift you will get is that feel good knowledge that you have helped a wonderful group move forward to achieve their full potential.  TAFA members are all small businesses, either individuals (mostly women) or projects working very hard to pursue hard earned dreams in a tough economy.  Our new website will help us collectively as we can market ourselves to audiences who can support what we are doing.

            Join us!  We look forward to sharing our gifts with you!


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