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My shop on Etsy focuses on cultural textiles (ralli quilts, suzani, batiks, embroidery, molas and more), textile stamps, remnants, specialty fabric and other handmade supplies for the fiber artist.  I also have things there that I have made.  The shop is divided into sections to make it easier to browse, but can also be searched by keyword or price.  Come visit!

I also manage two other shops on Etsy:  Afghan Tribal Arts and Oshiwa.  Scroll down for info and their Etsy minis.  All of these items are in my home and can be shipped together, although they each have separate check outs.

Click on one of the items to get the shop.


Afghan Tribal Arts has a huge inventory from Afghanistan and the region: carpets, wood, metal, textiles, beads and much more, mostly vintage, all of it gorgeous.  Our shop on Etsy focuses on beads, vintage jewelry and small textiles. 

The beads are new semi-precious stones that are carved by artisans, many of whom have been refugees in Pakistan for decades.  Afghanistan is famed for its minerals and favorite beads include lapis lazuli, jade, and carnelian.

Visit their website for more samples on what has been available in the past.  If you see something you really like, we can try to get similar things and list them on Etsy.  They also have a gallery in South Carolina, Sturee Tribal Village, which has a blog.  The blog has lots of images of what is available there and you can call them directly for things you might be interested in purchasing.


Rayela Art has become the North American rep for Oshiwa Designs, a small carving group in Namibia which specializes in hand carved printing stamps.  These can be used on paper, fabric and clay.  The stamps on Etsy are housed in my home in Kentucky so combined shipping is offered between all three shops.

Click here to learn more about the group and how to care for the stamps.
Click on any one of the stamps to reach the Oshiwa shop on Etsy.

Do you have a wish list of something we can list in our shops for you?  Leave a comment on this page with a method on how we can reach you and we will do our best.  (It's not a good idea to leave phone numbers or email addresses.  Stick to blogs or web addresses...)

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