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Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Textile Stamps from Oshiwa!

Oshiwa on Etsy

We got some more textile stamps listed on the Etsy shop.  We used an old, rusty iron table that I have as a background and they just pop!  

Oshiwa Designs is a fair trade carving workshop in Namibia.  Rayela Art is their North American rep.  These stamps are great to use to print on fabric or paper and can also be used to press into clay or soap.  The carvers insist on making one of a kind designs, although there are similar themes that pop up often, like elephants...

Oshiwa elephant printing stamp.

Here are a couple of examples of fabrics printed with the stamps:

Great gifts for your artsy friends and a wonderful stocking stuffer!  Come shop!

Paulus, one of the carvers, shows how to use the stamps on fabric.  


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