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Monday, December 6, 2010

Stocking Stuffers from Rayela Art, Oshiwa, and Afghan Tribal Arts!

Vintage Stereo Card from Rayela Art

Those of you who are familiar with my shop know that I focus on cultural textiles from around the world, fabric, and things that I make.  But, I also have lots of small, odd items that are perfect stocking stuffers for that special person who has off-the-beaten track tastes.  Visit my shop and you will find vintage African brass pendants, small textiles that can be folded or rolled to make them small, some stereo cards like the one above, textile stamps and much more.  You will have to hop over there and look around.  Click on any item in the Etsy mini below and that will take you to my shop:

I also manage two other Etsy shops, Oshiwa and Afghan Tribal Arts.  All of the items are here at my house in Kentucky and they can be shipped together to save on postage.  You do have to check out and pay separately as we each have our own accounts, but I will extra shipping costs once the items are consolidated.  

Oshiwa is a small fair trade carving workshop in Namibia.  They specialize in carving stamps that can be used on fabric or paper and they can also be used to imprint into clay or soap.  How cool is that?  Perfect stocking stuffer!

Afghan Tribal Arts has gorgeous textiles, beads and vintage jewelry from Afghanistan and Central Asia.  Small boxes can hold some precious beauties!

Visit all three shops and make your orders!  You will be supporting me and many others with these purchases.  Make your shopping count and support handmade and small businesses.



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