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Friday, July 23, 2010

African Textile Stamps on Etsy: Oshiwa Designs

Oshiwa Designs, a small workshop in Namibia, carves textile stamps and frames.  The designs are all original, inspired by cultural symbolism, nature and the local environment.  Rayela Art is now the distributor for Oshiwa in North America.  Our main selling platform is through our new store on Etsy, www.oshiwa.etsy.com.

The stamps can be used on fabric or paper, using ink or wax.  Ceramic artists can also use them to imprint into clay.  They are sold either as single stamps or as sets which have been designed to compliment each other.  Prices are based on the size of the stamp, down to the square inch.  The formula covers cost of supplies, operating costs and provides a living wage for the carvers.  The sets are priced at a 15% discount off of this formula.  The stamps made of wawa wood, support a sustainable harvesting project in Ghana.

The Oshiwa Namibia Team     

We hope that you will enjoy these stamps and spread the word about Oshiwa.  They are a wonderful group and by using the stamps, you will be supporting a fair trade effort.



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